Stories from the field

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Doing research on small scale mining

Sitting at the edge of a pit. Talking with migrant miner in Suriname, in project on changing mining technology. Balengsoela, Brokopondo, January 2016

Deserted mine. Bar closed. Sipaliwini, Suriname, 2016.

Traveling by helicopter to mine in French Guiana, 2014.

Research is fun! Alemoni, Sipaliwini, Suriname, 2013.

Visiting maroon land owner in Sarakreek region, Sipaliwini, Suriname, 2013.

Riding the quad, Tapajós, 2011.

Miner explains how they plan to extract the gold in the vein they just found, Cuiu Cuiu, Tapajós, Brazil, 2011.

Visit to a mining camp near Pakira, Marowijne, Suriname, 2007.

The matter of Gold

Gold miner selling her gold in a shop in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, 2009

Garimpeiros separating the share of the land owner of the produce, Antino, Sipaliwini (Suriname), 2009.

The gold digger’s medallion, with the tools including the pan, of a garimpeiro of the first hour, Marupá, Tapajós, Pará (Brasil), 2016.

Worker showing his gold, Papatam, Marowijne (Suriname), 2013.

Paying in Gio’s bar, Antino, Sipaliwini (Suriname), 2006.

Today’s production on the scale, Matupá, Mato Grosso (Brasil), 2016.

Gold as it comes out of the retort, Matupá, Mato Grosso (Brasil), 2016.

Pipits made into jewelry.

Gold before the mercury is burnt out, Pando (Bolivia), 2013.

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