Marjo de Theije

Cultural Anthropologist

Anthropology of Resources

Marjo de Theije potrait

Welcome to my page. I am professor Anthropology of Resources at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I study the cultural, social, economic, and environmental aspects of resource extraction. Most of my research focused on small-scale gold mining in the Amazon region, especially in Brazil and the Guianas, but I have also done fieldwork in Bolivia, and collaborated with researchers in Colombia and Peru. In Suriname and French Guiana, I work with the Brazilian migrant miners and the Aluku and Ndyuka maroon population in the gold fields. In Brazil most of my work has been in Pará, notably the Tapajós region. Recently, I have started research in Ghana, as part of a collaborative project, and on cross border social and economic consequences of the Venezuelan crisis in Roraima and Bolívar.