I have also done policy-oriented consultancy work on middle and small-scale mining (gems, gold, aggregates) in Brazil, the routes of illegally mined gold in the Guianas, fair mined gold in Bolivia and environmental regulation for small-scale gold mining in Suriname.

In 2016-18 I worked in Brazil as social expert in the research team of Projekt Consult on a project commissioned by the Ministry of Mining and Energy and Worldbank in the context of  Technical Assistance Project of the Energy and Mineral Sectors – META Project.  Under the name “Socioeconomic and Environmental Diagnosis of Small-Scale Mining in Brazil”, we made a technical, legal, economic and socio-cultural inventory of the small scale mining sector in Brazil. My main contribution consisted of five field studies on gold, gems and construction materials. More information about this project can be found on the website of the ministry.